Wichita Roofing Companies Recommendations for Metal Roofs Colors

The wide range of shades and solid colors they come in is one of the reasons metal roofing materials are the favorite choice of numerous homeowners and Wichita roofing companies alike. Here are just some of the colors you can choose from:

  • White – Unlike other shades and solid colors, white is not that common for metal roofs. However, off-white shades and bright white metal shingles, tiles or panels can also be found. They are available in two finishing varieties, shiny and matte.
  • Brown – From light brown with accents of yellow to deep, dark browns, an impressive number of varieties are available. According to roofing professionals, a brown metal roof cover matches very well a facade made of bricks.
  • Black – It compliments very well any shade the facade is painted in. While a black metal roof may not be an inspired choice in an area with a hot climate, it is the ideal solution for cold areas. Black attracts sunlight, helping you save on heating bills.
  • Gray – A grey metal roof matches a blue, white, black or green facade. The combinations, Wichita roofing companies say, succeed at creating eye-pleasing visual effects.