What Roofing Products Should You Choose When It Comes To Building The Outer Layer Of The Roof?

When it comes to choosing roofing products and materials, cheapest is not always the best solution – if you do not care about how much money you spend on your roof and do not want to have any headaches with it during your lifetime or the one of your grandchildren’s, choose a slate roof.

Although the most expensive among the various roofing materials, slate lasts for up to 400 years if maintained properly. However, it can be quite heavy and cause the house to collapse if not designed to withstand the weight.

If you want something more lightweight yet durable, why not go for a metal roof? It comes in various shapes and colors and, should you desire, it can be made to resemble another roof type, for example wood shakes or clay tiles.

Other durable roof materials are the ceramic tiles and concrete tiles. They are quite good when it comes to life expectancy, efficiency and aesthetics, and they are definitely lighter than slate so they can be more appropriate.

If you are not interested in expensive roofing products but value a good price over other aspects, you should choose asphalt or composition shingles for your roof – they are cheap, easy to install and maintain and come in various colors.

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