Littleton Roofing Tips On Inspecting Your Roof

Considering that the warm weather has taken over, we should all take advantage and make a few roof inspections based on some basic Littleton roofing tips.

Summer is the best time to make inspections, repairs and replacements when it comes to the roof we live under. In case you do not really know what to look for and how to tell if your roof has been compromised, here are some basic tips:

  • You will first have to inspect your attic using a flashlight making sure there are no leak signs or stains
  • Check your records and see how long has passed since your roof has been replaced or repaired last
  • Check the shingles and make sure there are no cracks or damaged shingles
  • Check the flashings for cracks or breaks
  • In case you notice your roof is sagging that is a clear sign it needs replacement
  • Moss, mold or fungi on top or your roof may look interesting but it sure tells that you have some moisture problems that urgently need to be taken care of

Making this type of inspection at least twice a year could help a lot and could prevent further damage to your entire home. So whenever you notice any of these problems, make sure you talk to a roofing Littleton CO specialist.