How To Spot Fake Green Cleaning Products

There are a lot of fake green cleaning products on the market. In order to save yourself the time and money, you need to pay attention to the signs.

We all know that these products are based on harmless ingredients that can clean better than chemical cleaning products. Because they are eco-friendly, it is almost impossible to find them in any store. You either buy them online here or find a specialized shop.

If by any chance you stumble on them in a supermarket, you should take a closer look. On the back of the product you should be able to find 3 small signs that will tell you they were made from plants or other natural ingredients: a small leaf in the left low corner, one thin green bar across the middle and two hands holding in the right low corner. If any of them are missing, then you are dealing with a fake.

For those of you that are shopping online, you can check the license number that can be found on the website. Online stores that sell green cleaning products have a special license that can be tracked down for reassuring reasons.