How Soon Is Recovery Expected after Having the Mona Lisa Procedure?

Many women who would consider going for the Mona Lisa procedure worry that it would keep them away from work and their regular life for longer than they can afford. It is after all a somewhat invasive procedure, and the discomfort felt afterwards is sufficient to incapacitate them for a while. This is the case only in rare situation when the patient had an undiagnosed condition, such as lesions on the outer walls of the vagina.

The General Recovery Timeline Is Short

Since there is no anesthesia involved in this type of vaginal rejuvenation procedure, you will be able to go back home right after having it. Although you may experience redness and swelling in the vagina for a few hours (up to maximum a few days), these are not of a nature to prevent you from going on with your regular daily activities.

If you want, you can take one or two days off work and rest, but only if your work involves strenuous physical activity. If you have an office work, the only precaution to take is to remember to stand up from your chair for a few minutes each hour to avoid putting pressure on the tender area.

In most situations, Houston Female Urology patients bounce right back to their usual schedule, with an extra moral boost and improved self-confidence. The Mona Lisa procedure is meant to make your life better, prolong your youthful spirit into the middle ages and help you enjoy your relationship with your significant other even after menopause.