Denver Senior Living Facilities and How They Give Elderly People a Better Life

I am 78 years old and have been living in one of the Denver senior living facilities for three years. I am writing this because a lot of people feel reluctant to admit the inevitable: the time comes when taking care of an old person becomes extremely burdening for the young and moving to a senior home is the best thing to do for everyone.


Before I moved here, I had been living with my daughter and her family. I had not been able to take care of myself for years, so I moved in with them, but they had their own lives, so I made the decision to move here for all of us. I asked them to find a place for me and they did find a wonderful place, indeed. I have my own apartment, the nurses are great and so is the food. The kids visit me every second day and I also made new friends here, so I am never alone and there is always someone to help me when I need it.


Moving to a senior home is not the end of life – there are a lot of Denver senior living facilities that provide great conditions and a great life, maybe even better than in your own home, so think about it, and visit