Delaying the Signs of Aging – One of the Main Hormone Replacement Therapy Benefits

It is not a secret that synthetic and bioidentical hormone replacement, the two forms of hormone replacement therapy, come with a great number of advantages. However, only a few patients know that, besides improving the general state of health, the treatment also has anti-aging effects.


Let’s take a look and see what some of them are:


  • According to the most recent studies in the field, hormone therapy improves concentration and memory in women and men alike. As a direct result, the symptoms of Alzheimer condition, affecting especially older patients, are significantly delayed and, in some cases, even prevented from appearing.  Check with New Spring Integrative Medicine for more details.


  • Osteoporosis or bone density loss, is another condition a lot of people reaching menopause and andropause suffer from. It contributes to premature aging, as it seriously limits the individuals’ autonomy, making them unable to live an active lifestyle.


  • However, those following a hormone replacement treatment do not have to worry about this, because osteoporosis prevention is among the most important health benefits it presents.


  • With age, the quality of sex life decreases, and this is another thing that makes people age prematurely. Those who follow a treatment based on bioidentical or synthetic hormone replacement have a better sex life.


  • More than that, hormone replacement therapy is known for preventing different forms of cancer, like breast or vaginal cancer in women and prostate cancer in men.